February Snow

And, it’s here. The great winter snowstorm has arrived. Remember to shovel your walk and keep yourself and your neighbors safe.

January 2021 Meeting Summary and Video

We’ll began our regular year with a meeting on Thursday, January 21, 2021! Our guests were Bob Leonard and Cory Rettenmier from Everett Parks to speak about the trees on Colby from 10th to 19th, which are scheduled for maintenance and some for removal. Thanks for those who showed up to discuss ideas and learn more about the SYCAMORE trees, of which there are 76 and they were planted in 1972!

There was a robust discussion and perhaps more people happy to see the trees managed or removed due to some known issues. For example, one is Sycamore anthracnose, a fungal disease that can cause leaf drop, twig dieback, cankers and the sudden death of more than 90% of a tree’s new shoot growth.

Parks is looking to replace trees that are removed and will be discussing that at their February 3, 2021 meeting at 4:45pm.

Sycamore Trees on Colby
Sycamore Trees in the Colby Median of north Everett

We also heard from Star Nayea who left the notes on your porches if you had holiday lights. She has an inspired idea to support our community with light. Her next steps will be to talk with Laura Zorick from the Snohomish County PUD to acquire LED lights.

Scott Murphy, our neighborhood council liaison, provided a summary of items from the Everett City Council inlcuding the following 8 topics:

  • Everett Transit
  • Public Facilities District – Angel of the Winds update
  • 2021 Budget Process update
  • Police Department Study in 2021
  • Fire Department
  • Senior Center
  • Utility Rates
  • Lodging Tax update

Lastly, we talked about projects for 2021 that will be supported by the City of Everett Matching Grant Program. Likely the list will include the following:

  • Drew Nielsen Park Cleanup and Planting
  • Modified Easter Egg Hunt
  • Fall Bike Ride to Whittier
  • Holiday Lights at Drew Nielsen – Photo opp, caroling and cocoa!
  • Adopt a Drain / Mutt Mitt stations
  • Neighborhood Cleanup / Leaf Day

Treasurer’s Report by Russ – $6100 in the bank.

Holiday Decorating at Drew Nielsen Park

We are grateful for our Healthcare Workers!

On December 5th, we decorated Drew Nielsen Park with lights and ornaments. The elves were joyful and happy to be outside to make the holidays merrier for our neighbors and anyone who visits Providence. Since the arbor and pergola are kitty corner from Providence Regional Medical Center, it’s the perfect spot to add light and cheer.

Box to place ornaments
Jenny’s ornament drop off box

Thanks to Jenny for creating a drop off box at her home and for decorating many of the envelopes for our neighborhood’s holiday cards for teachers, donors and speakers.

Tony and Juanita

THANKS so much to Holly for buying the lights, John and John for taking the lead early on the 5th and for all of the other elves and families who helped decorate our park!

Watch the unveiling of the lights –

Blood Drive for Jerry Smith on Sunday, November 29th

Our friends and neighbors Joni and Jerry Smith could use your help:


Jerry was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Lukemia (AML) – Blood & Bone Marrow Cancer, on September 19th, 2020.

Jerry’s cancer is “extremely aggressive” according to the doctors. He already has had two rounds of chemo and 15 blood transfusions along with multiple Platelet transfusions.

These blood transfusion have LITERALLY kept Jerry alive!!  As a result, his family wanted to do something to honor their  dad. (Too often, it seems, we wait until people pass before we express our love, gratitude and appreciation for those who have impacted us.)

So, in Jerry’s honor, and the HUGE impact he has had on so many  Bloodworks Northwest will open to offer donations specifically in honor of Jerry.

Let’s express our gratitude and love for Jerry and all he has meant in our lives.

Jerry and Joni Smith – front row residents extraordinaire

DATE: Sunday, November 29th, 2020
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (There is no football that day, for those who watch)
LOCATION: 2703 Oakes Ave. Everett, WA 98201

* * Due to COVID, IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU REGISTER IN ADVANCE. We would be honored if you would join us in giving.

To give blood will take less than an hour!

Here is the LINK TO REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE in the BLOOD DRIVE FOR JERRY SMITH:  https://schedule.bloodworksnw.org/DonorPortal/GroupLanding.aspx?s=676B

If you don’t feel comfortable registering online, you can also call the donation center directly, at 800-398-7888.

Registering is easy! We hope you will join us!

Here is a link, if you wonder if you are eligible – https://www.bloodworksnw.org/donate/eligibility

We hope to see you on the 29th! I should be there all day and can’t wait to thank you!

~ Jen Avellaneda (Jerry and Joni’s daughter)

Please share this with your neighbors: but don’t let Jerry know. We want to surprise him with all the donations.


Now, this doesn’t need to be a surprise. Let’s send Jerry and Joni greetings to make them smile. Their address is as follows:

Jerry and Joni Smith – 1419 Rockefeller Ave. – Everett, WA 98201

October Meeting Summary and Video

October 15th at 7pm – Special Guests: Whittier Principal Tony Wentworth, Evergreen Middle School Teacher and Whittier Mom Misha Hann, and Everett High School Teacher Kristin Gebert. We will get to hear what it’s like to lead, teach, and be a parent to kids while virtual learning from home due to COVID-19.

Watch the full replay on our Facebook page. There’s a report from Scott Murphy, our city council liaison, and the school update begins around 14 minutes in.


Physically Distant, but Together, Outside Park Clean Up

Physically Distant, but Together, Outside Park Clean Up held on October 3rd from 9 a.m. – to 12:30 p.m.

The original work party was cancelled due to smoke and unhealthy air quality conditions in September. We finally held our physically distanced park cleanup at Drew Nielsen Neighborhood Park – 1230 Colby with Holly James as our lead- October 3rd

August Meeting Summary and Video

Guests: Jim Dean, Interfaith Family Shelter, Councilmembers Scott Murphy and Paul Roberts to cover the City of Everett Budget, Holly James to talk about our park cleanup on September 12th, the Districting Commission Public Meeting schedule and Council of Neighborhoods update by Tim and John. THANKS FOR ATTENDING! Please enjoy the recording. – Kari

Click this link to view on Facebook –


Fire on Waterfront Cancel July NW Meeting

There was a big fire.

Everett Fire Department

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (https://bit.ly/3fUTu9r)

Waterfront Place Apartment fire update(Update: July 23, 2020) EVERETT, WA

– Fire investigators and detectives have completed the majority of the onsite work at the Waterfront Place Apartments fire and have released the scene back to the property owners. Although the fire is still under investigation, and there is work to be completed to bring all of the pieces together, preliminary findings do not suggest there is any criminal activity associated with the fire cause. The magnitude of this fire scene required extra personnel and resources to ensure a proper and thorough investigation. Thank you to the Everett Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (ATF), the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory Division (CLD), and several neighboring fire agencies for providing mutual aid to help process the fire scene in a timelier manner. Everett Fire Marshal Kurtis Brown would also like to recognize the onsite construction company, Graham, for their cooperation and the use of their personnel and equipment to aid in the onsite work. As stated in the previous news release, an early conservative estimate of damages for just the site of the primary fire is between $25-30 million. Damage estimates for the north structure on the property, areas outside of the initial fire zone, and damage to homes and property in the area are still being calculated. A second firefighter was injured, also with minor burns to his hands. He was treated and released at the hospital on the same night. Of the 53 fire apparatus at the scene of the fire, there were 28 suppression apparatus, such as fire engines and ladder trucks, 7 EMS apparatus, and the remainder falling under a miscellaneous category. The cost of the three fire apparatus damaged in the fire – a ladder truck, a fire engine, and an aid car – is still being assessed. The Everett Fire Department would like to recognize the residents and community members who took mitigating actions to protect their property and the property of their neighbors. At the same time, firefighters battled the blaze at the construction site and secondary fires ignited by falling burning debris. We want to thank all the mutual aid agencies who assisted with protecting the lives and properties of our residents and who responded to 9-1-1 calls for service while our department resources and personnel battled this four-alarm fire. Any further updates will be released as they become available. ###