Lost & Found Pets

Everett Animal Shelter: https://everettwa.gov/148/Animal-Shelter

Did You Find a Pet?

Does the animal have tags?  Contact info?  License?  Try to contact the owner if there are tags. If not… Contact the Everett Animal Shelter (EAS) — most residents look there first.

Call EAS at (425) 257-6000 x5 or submit a Found Report online.

If you’ve found a pet and have decided to house the pet until you find its owner, by law you should notify EAS and provide them with a description of the animal.

More helpful tips to reunite pets with their owners:

  • Check for a license or other identification. Regional licenses may be traced 24 hours a day by calling Snohomish County licensing at (425) 388‐3627.
  • Have the pet scanned for a microchip. Local veterinarians and shelters will provide this service for free. Follow up by contacting the owner. Ask the veterinarian or shelter for help if needed.
  • Take the pet to the local animal shelter. If the owner is not found, the pet usually has a very good chance for finding a new home.
  • Put a posting on the neighborhood Bulletin Board. Read the Bulletin Board to see if someone has posted their missing pet.
  • Knock on your neighbor’s door to see if they are missing a pet.
  • Contact your local shelters. List the pet on the “found list” if you have a safe and secure place to keep the pet for a few days.
  • Put up flyers. Grocery stores and gas stations may have bulletin boards.

Did You Lose a Pet?

The Everett Animal Shelter (EAS) holds stray animals for 72 hours to allow owners a chance to find their lost pets. If the animal is not claimed in that time period, it becomes the property of the Everett Animal Shelter, and may be made available for adoption. Submit a Lost Pet Report and check the EAS website daily.

If you have lost a pet in our local area, follow these steps:

  • Look for your pet near your home. Animals can get stuck in trees, under houses, or accidentally locked in garages.
  • Check often with the Everett Animal Shelter. It’s important to visit the shelter at least every three days to look for your pet. It’s not possible for shelter staff to identify your pet over the phone. 
  • Fill out a lost report at the shelter. While they can make no guarantee that they’ll be able to notify you in the event your animal is brought into the shelter, filling out a lost report is a good first step. You should continue to visit the shelter in person to see for yourself, and to check the found reports in case a citizen has found your pet but is keeping the animal in their own home rather than bringing it into the shelter.
  • Check the neighborhood NextDoor site under “Lost and Found Pets”.
  • Check with local veterinarians in case your pet has been injured and taken to an animal hospital. Veterinarians do not always contact shelters when they treat an unidentified pet.
  • Put up signs in your neighborhood. Talk to neighbors, mail carriers, etc.
  • Put ads in the newspaper and online and check newspaper ads for “found pets” daily. Call if the description is even close. Post notices on websites such as petfinder.com, pets911.com and Craig’s List.
  • Keep looking. Unfortunately, people who have found stray animals may not report them to a shelter or newspaper for weeks, so it is important not to give up looking after just a couple days.