Mother of All Garage Sales (M.O.A.G.S. /#moags)

We were happy to host this popular event on AUGUST 7, 2021.

See you on August 6, 2022!

The following two images reflect the *printed map.* Paper copies will be available Saturday at Drew Nielsen Park (1230 Colby) at the gazebo, at participating homes, and in the Bayside Neighborhood at 2510 Rucker. Come by any time after 8:00 a.m. to pick one up. We will also have them near the various portapotties throughout the neighborhood.

Please share photos of your day using the hashtag #MOAGS. We love to see what treasures you found! 🙂


Visual of front of the printed map – will be available at homes and the park
Description of items being sold at homes
Note that portapotty is at 1501 Rucker instead of 1401 Rucker.

Official registration for the 2022 event will launch in June of next year. For questions or to help pull it off / volunteer, email the neighborhood.

When in the neighborhood, look for these yard signs to find the official participants of the event.

If there’s one thing we know how to do in Everett it’s how to have marvelous garage sales! 

  • About 100 families with fabulous treasures for sale!
  • Information station and sponsor information booths at Drew Nielsen Park (1230 Colby, Everett, WA 98201).
  • Port-a-potties at Drew Nielsen Park and other locations noted on the map.
    • Legion Park (real bathrooms — north end of neighborhood)
    • 1122 Grand Ave / #33 – at the curb
    • 1501 Rucker Ave / #40 – across the street from Cafe Zippy and in the alley
  • Printed and online maps available – see above
  • Road Dawg (hot dogs) at Drew Nielsen Park
  • There are many restaurants on Broadway and also on the waterfront accessible by the Grand Avenue Park Bridge at 16th Street.
  • CASH IS KING – Start setting aside small bills now. It’s not uncommon for nearby ATMs to run out of cash. We did warn Safeway….
  • Two traffic considerationsGrand Avenue to Rucker Avenue will be closed to cars/parking on 10th, and 15th. Please plan accordingly. If you’re trying to reach a home in the 900 block or 1400 block of Grand, you’ll need to drive one extra block south, to 16th or 11th respectively, to be able to park appropriately on the east side of the street. Sorry for the extra hassle.

Please, during the event we ask…

No double parking. Drive slowly so all pedestrians are safe. Remember that on Grand Avenue you can only park on the east side of the street facing north. Thank you!

MOAGS Maps: 

Online Map – Interactive map for use on phones and computers – Load it here!

Printable Map – Includes addresses, map of their locations, sponsors and food vendors at the park – view images above! Front / Back of Map.

A huge “Thank You” to our 2021 sponsors! Please support them as the support us!

Lamoureux Real Estate, 1904 Wetmore, 425-259-1768
Ashley Bolden, Realtor, KW Everett, 425-212-2007
Tyler Beard Team, CrossCountry Mortgage, 9505 19th Ave SE, Suite 115, 425-931-7050
Brews Almighty, 3011 Grand Avenue, 425-252-2739
Cat Soine Wilson, Farmers Insurance, 425-252-1191
Port Gardner Bay Winery, 3006 Rucker, 425-339-0293
Structural Design Associates, Inc., 3006 Rucker, 425-339-0293
FAST Signs Everett, 2802 Colby, 425-438-9350
The Valley Organic Deli, 2805 Colby Ave, 425-512-8577
Chicago Title, 3002 Colby Ave, 425-258-3683
Northwest Neighborhood Association, 1432 Colby, 425-923-0334

Special thanks to City of Everett Parks Department (special permit assistance), FAST SIGNS Everett (printing), and the MOAGS Project Team — Ashley, Coral, Kari, Stephanie, John, and Russ the money guy — for all their hard work to make this project a fun community event! And, thanks to all our neighbors for being neighborhood hosts and ambassadors.

Why we didn’t have MOAGS in 2020 — Read Kari’s take in the Everett Herald on Sunday, June 14, 2020.