Crime Prevention

To report an emergency, call  9-1-1

Report a Non-Emergency (no immediate danger to life or property)
(425) 407-3999

Block Watch

The idea of a Block Watch is simply to take an active role in keeping our neighborhood safe by looking out for your neighbors and keeping each other informed of any incidents that do occur.

Block Watch is one of the most effective methods to stop crime in neighborhoods because small groups are the foundation of crime prevention and the stepping stones to community revitalization.

To learn about how neighbors can help neighbors, take a look at the city’s Block Watch page.  

Reporting Crime

First and foremost, if there is a threat to life or property… call 9-1-1!

For non-emergencies, call 425-407-3999.

Reporting crime via online system

Online reporting system:

You should report all crimes to the police. This is the only way the Everett police can work to help our neighborhood. An online report is a good option if a police report number is needed for insurance purposes.

After reporting an incident, consider contacting Sgt. Kevin Allen with follow-up details of your 911 call. Added information can help him with door-to-door salespeople, vehicles roaming the alleys, etc. He can pinpoint companies who send door-to-door people around without proper credentials, track license plates of vehicles, along with watching for patterns of activities that should not be going on in the neighborhoods.

Everett PD North Precinct: Sgt. Kevin Allen

Phone: (425) 257-8474 or Email:

Everett Police Non-Emergency Calls

The Everett Police Customer Service Unit provides residents with a rapid response to non-emergency calls during peak call times. Non-emergency calls include vehicle prowls with no suspects, stolen property with no suspects, lost property such as cell phones, wallets and purses, and illegal activity after it happened.

The Unit is open 10:00am to 7:00pm, Monday-Friday. Call (425) 257-7490, or email

Deterring Crime

Auto Theft Deterrent

Locking your doors, rolling up windows, removing personal items, AND a steering wheel locking device are effective car prowl deterrents. The Club is a steering wheel locking device and an effective auto theft deterrent. You can purchase The Club at the Police Department for only $12 — it normally retails for $35!

More info:

Vacation Home Check

While on vacation, you can request the Everett Police Citizen Volunteers to perform a Vacation Home Check. Volunteers will visit your residence several days a week and conduct a walk around, making sure the exterior of the home is secure. If they find something unusual or suspicious, they’ll contact a patrol officer to investigate.

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Graffiti & Tagging

Report graffiti! The faster it is removed, the more it’s unlikely to happen again. Call (425) 257-8748 or complete an online complaint form. Be sure to provide the location of the affected property with either the property address or landmarks.

Residential properties may be eligible to participate in the Graffiti Removal Program which provides assistance to property owners by removing graffiti at no cost. To be eligible for the program, graffiti must be publicly visible.

More information and online complaint form:

Abandoned Vehicles

Cars may not be parked in the same spot continuously for over 72 hours. If you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned, call and report the vehicle to the Parking Enforcement Unit at (425) 257-8437. Let them know how long the vehicle has been at the location, the address, full description (make and model), and license plate number.

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