June 2024 Meeting Notes

Quick notes:

One guest included Laura from Everett Parks to talk about the planned updates to the play equipment at Drew Nielsen Park. There will be an afternoon in the park on July 17 from 3:30-4:30pm to get feedback and ideas from people there. Otherwise, there is an online survey. QR codes are at the park (and I’ll post here once I find it.)

We also had a quick update about the recently submitted change to the zoning for the location of the former Waits Motel now owned by the City of Everett. It will be zoned Neighborhood Business, which also allows for housing. The hope is for a developer to replace the 25 units of the former motel with 16 townhomes.

Finally, Ryan Spivey with Everett Performance Omnium came by to talk about the upcoming bike race being held in Everett from June 28-30, 2024. The Saturday races will be held in Northwest Neighborhood.

Elections were postponed until October 2024. Holly James remains Chair, Kari Quaas remains Treasurer, and Tim Knopf remains Council of Neighborhoods rep, along with alternative Bridget Cook.

May 2024 Meeting Notes

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, our special Guests were Mayor Cassie Franklin and Planner Director Yorik Stevens-Wadja. Topics included a state of the city review, an explanation of the levy lid lift, the comprehensive plan, and a Waits Motel update. The mayor answered lots of questions, and Yorik provided information about the timeline and importance of the comprehensive plan. It, too, could affect the Waits. It would be in the neighborhood’s best interest to have a replacement in unit structure built as soon as possible under the current code.

This was the night of the terrible traffic jam due to the state patrol involved shooting on I-5. We are grateful to our neighbors who reached out to travelers or offered snacks. It’s a reminder for us all to have extras in our cars and be ready for whatever.

Easter Egg Hunt 2024

Easter Egg Hunt

Back on Saturday, March 30, 2024 they arrived and took over the park with baskets ready to collect eggs and then prizes. We are appreciative of our egg hunt leadership, Shelley Whitkop, and the Girl Scout Troop!

For 2025, we are seeking new leadership. It is a beloved event in our neighborhood and we have lots of supplies to support it. Get in touch with us if you or your troop or teens are interested in taking it on. Thank you in advance!