2019 Halloween Decorating Contest

  • Best Daytime – 1322 and 1328 Colby

The houses we honored for Best Daytime were late set-ups in 2018 and we’re so pleased that we got to award them this year. Check out this two house display across from the hospital!

  • Best Nighttime – 1504 Grand

Randy likes to win. He was recently recognized with a Rejuvenation and Transformation Monte Cristo Award. When I sent out the “nominate your neighbor” form, he nominated himself several times in each of the categories. The judges selected his home for Best Nighttime because of the creative lights and scary appearance.

  • Best Overall – 1219 Hoyt

And, finally, there was a house that just creeped everyone out. Even Julie Muhlstein, neighbor and writer for the Everett Herald featured this home. Inspired by the 1976 movie, The Omen, it featured Mandy the nanny, graveyard, swaying ghosts, and a wonderful scene both day and night.

Congratulations to our Halloween Decorating Contest winners!!! Best Overall – 1219 Hoyt, Best Daytime – 1322 and 1328…

Posted by Northwest Neighborhood (North Everett) on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

2018 Halloween Decorating Winners

Best Daytime Display:

1501 Colby

For Honorable Mention, we liked 1817 Hoyt. Kudos to the skeleton in the hammock. Nice touch!

Best Nighttime Display:

1622 Oakes

For Honorable Mention, we also liked 824 Colby.

Best Overall Decorated:

The 1700 Block of Oakes

It’s Halloween time! Go check out the 1700 block of Oakes. These neighbors have done an awesome job again! ??

Posted by Northwest Neighborhood (North Everett) on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Each winner will receive a prize. Plus, a NW Neighborhood custom-designed yard sign will be displayed in the proud winners’ yards.